20 July 2018

Otto Denies Syafruddin's Statement on Farmers Debt

Attorney of Sjamsul Nursalim (SN), Otto Hasibuan spoke about the statement of defendant in the corruption case of SKB BLBI, Syafruddin Arsjad Temenggungang (SAT).

According to Otto, SATís statement related to his client just completing the debt shortfall obligation amounting to Rp 428 billion and the delivery of 12 companies, including PT Dipasena Citra Darmadja (DCD), are incorrect because he wasnít the Head of IBRA.

According to Otto, his client completed all his obligations on May 25, 1999, which led to the government provide the Release & Discharge, which was reinforced by a notary deed Letter of Statement. The settlement of SN obligations was confirmed in the 2002 BPK Audit Report.

"As for the payment of debt obligations worth Rp 428 billion by SN, in the period SAT became Chairman of IBRA the order to exchange group deposits previously received was calculated as part of payment Rp 1 trillion," he said when contacted by reporters on Friday (20/7) .

Otto added that SNís control of the ownership of the companies submitted on 25 May 1999 to IBRA through PT TSI was based on the Acquisition Company Acquisition Agreement dated 25 May 1999.

"Where SN was appointed to manage the companies for the benefit of IBRA," he said.

Earlier in the hearing on Thursday (19/7), former Finance Minister Boediono conveyed, KKSK and IBRA had held a meeting about giving the SKL for Sjamsul Nursalim and BDNI.

KKSK, continued Boediono, agreed that BLBI settlement needed to have fulfilled several requirements, such as financial due diligence due to audit due diligence, and others as well as from legal side.

"From the legal side, the clearance of the legal team, even if there was a wrong report in the BPK audit submitted in the committee meeting and proposed to IBRA to be given SKL," said Boediono when answering the question of the KPK prosecutor. (nes / rmol)