The Jakarta Post Jakarta
7 June 2020
Chief Editor

Call for Unity and Certainty

Your April 30 article on “House grills government over 'unconstitutional' Perppu” disappointingly does the opposite. It has sought to divide and confuse. Its report on what is falsely said to be an unconstitutional Perppu has been used as a peg to slip in another falsehood.

First, the Perppu, which was proposed by parliament, does not undermine it. Parliament continues to have oversight through the budget.

Second, Indonesia’s economic policy makers are our frontline workers who are working very hard to manage the economic crisis arising from the health pandemic. In the face of daunting challenges, they have to make tough decisions to limit the loss of jobs and mitigate the increase in poverty. The least we can do is to support them in these difficult times. It is completely irresponsible and counter productive to issue threats about the consequences of their honest decisions.

Third, there is no basis to draw a link to the BLBI where BDNI and BCA bank owners were granted Release and Discharge under the MSAA agreement. These matters are entirely separate.

Fourth, the bank owners made full settlements after very careful and thorough audits. They discharged their obligations honestly and honourably.

It would appear that you either endorse low standards of journalism or are determined to cause confusion, so as to sow discord at a time when the country needs unity. This is the time where everyone must pitch in, whether it is the government, parliament, the private sector or the media. The country needs its people to be positive and support each other; not cynical or opportunistic. The world is watching to see how we in Indonesia respond to the crisis. The vast majority of Indonesians have made sacrifices for their brothers and sisters. They have stood shoulder to shoulder with each other. It is time Jakarta Post play its part.

Yours sincerely,

Marcello Taufik
Corporate Communication
GT Group