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PT. Gajah Tunggal Tbk. (GT Tire) 

In 1951, GT Tire started its business by producing bicycle tires. Its current facilities have grown to world-class standards to manufacture international quality products, mainly radial, bias and motorcycle tires. GT Tire has received numerous certifications such as ISO 9001, ISO 9002, E-Mark from the European Community, the TUV CERT from Germany, quality testing from the US Department of Transportation, the BPS from the Philippines, and similar certification from the Government of Brazil. 

GT Tire has made acquisitions of tire cord company, nylon filament company, bead and steel wire company and aluminum alloy wheel company as part of its plan to be a totally integrated company capitalizing on lower raw material costs. Previous and planned capacity expansions are intended to achieve economies of scale. 

GT Tire has been steadily expanding its product range and quality to become one of Asia’s global tire exporters. To market its wide range of products, GT Tire has developed a strong domestic and international distribution network of more than 50 dealers throughout Indonesia and other international outlets in over 75 countries. Currently, GT Tire operates a total of five tire plants for bias tires, radial tires, motorcycle tires and tubes, automobile tire tubes and recycled rubber.

Corporate Structure

Radial Tires

GT Tire has introduced a number of new radial tires since the start of production in 1989. Brands such as Savero and Champiro are getting world recognition. New tread pattern designs and compounding formulas have improved GT Tire's radial tire comfort, durability and wet-skid performance. 

The radial tire domestic sales in 2001 has decreased by 6% to Rp 131 billion. However, the decrease was compensated by the 26% increase in export sales to Rp 928 billion. The radial tire domestic and export sales represented 12% and 8% of the Company’s total radial tire sales.

The radial tire export sales represented 36% of the Company’s total tire sales and represented 76% of the Company’s export tire sales. The main export markets for Gajah Tunggal radial tires include Australia, Austria, Germany, Italy, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom and United States of America 

Bias Tires 
In 1980, GT Tire started producing bias tires for four-wheel vehicle. It has since dominated the Indonesian market with around 30% market share. Bias tires are mainly used in countries where road conditions are not as conducive such as those in most of Asia, Africa and the Middle East. GT Tire has a competitive advantage on bias tires since it has a experience in that area and other tire manufacturers put most of their resources on radial tires than bias tires. 

In 2001, the Company has increased its bias tire production volume to anticipate the increase in domestic demand. The Company’s bias tires production volume in 2001 reached 2.7 million tires or an increase by 4%, compared to production volume in 2000.

Motorcycle Tires
In 1972, GT Tire started producing motorcycle tires. Similar with bias tires, GT Tire has majority of the market with more than 70% of market share, a clear domination against competitors. 

The motorcycle tire domestic and export sales represented 96% and 4% of the Company’s total motorcycle tire sales. Motorcycle tires main export markets are to countries such as Africa, the Middle East and America.