PT. Gajah Tunggal Tbk. (GT Tire)  
PT. GT Petrochem Industries Tbk  
Dipasena Group  
Dipasena (1989 - 1998)  

PT. GT Petrochem Industries Tbk.

PT. Andayani Megah was established in 1986 to produce tire cord. In 1991, PT. Gajah Tunggal acquired PT. Andayani Megah. Through further acquisitions of polyester, ethylene glycol plants in 1996, the name Andayani Megah was changed into PT GT Petrochem Industries. Further expansions and strategic acquisitions, GTPI has grown into a major player in petrochemical business. Currently, it operates its businesses under three divisions namely chemicals, polyester and nylon.

In the midst of GTPI progressive growth in the petrochemical industry, it participated and supported the growth of the industry's development. In 1998, GTPI operated its new synthetic rubber (SBR) as the one and only in Indonesia. GTPI has completed construction and commissioned Indonesia's first ethoxylate plant in 1999 and in the same year, the second polyester plant has been completed and commissioned as well. 

Through the operation of all of its facilities, GTPI was firmly established as a strong petrochemical company with a low production cost base, captive sales market and a diversified revenue system. 

Corporate Structure